Our 10-Point Promise

Properly trained staff

Many commercial cleaning companies fail to thoroughly train their staff before sending them to your building. This puts your assets at risk and leads to facilities that aren’t as clean as they should be.

Our staff know what they’re doing before they ever set foot in your facility. We train them well so you don’t have to worry about what is happening to your facility when you’re not watching.


Accessible management and real-time communications

When you need to get your cleaning team on the phone, you don’t have time to sit on hold or wait around for someone to call you back. Cleanliness issues are urgent.

We make sure someone is accessible to respond to your needs. But, even better, we are proactive with our communication with you so you’re not left guessing what happened in the first place.


Continuous improvement

Every day technology gets better. There are teams of people devoted to making software easier to use, improving your phone, car, and most other things you encounter.

Now, you have a cleaning team that gets better every day, too. We constantly look for and implement better solutions to your cleaning needs so we can be better, faster, and more reliable.


Risk management

We don’t just show up, clean, then leave. We want to make sure your facility is safe, too.

Through the creation and delivery of a clearly defined scope we provide a clean and safe environment—that includes conditions compliant to all regulations—for everyone who enters your facilities.


Brand protection

A poorly cleaned facility isn’t only a nuisance, it can make you look bad. When a customer walks into the bathroom and discovers there’s no toilet paper, that’s an experience that was just ruined. On top of that, your mission is often made visible through your facilities. We want your facilities to make you look good.

When we work with you to design a scope of work, we make sure it complements your organization’s mission and objectives. We want your facilities to help you gain new customers, not lose them!


Reliable processes and results

Fact: inconsistently clean facilities cause headaches.

We hate headaches. That’s why we employ a service delivery model that is thorough and consistent. From staff training, to tracking issues, to everything else you can think of, we’ve thought it through so you get consistently clean facilities without the headaches. (Not from us at least.)


No hidden costs with 100% budget compliance

The price is set, right? Well, until you read the fine print. But nobody reads the fine print, so, really, that’s just a trick to get your business and take your money.

At Zoë Facility Services, you won’t find any fine print. Or hidden costs, or budget surprises. When we agree on a budget we stick to it, and we tell you everything you need to know up front.


Clear scope of work

There’s nothing worse than finding out you didn’t get what you thought you were paying for. We don’t want that to happen to you.

We create a clear scope of work, detailing everything we will clean and won’t clean, so when the rubber meets the road you know what you’re getting.


Real-time customer service

When you have a request, you don’t want to sit on hold. That’s why we use Swept, a radical communication app that gives you access to our management team anytime, day or night.

Using Swept, we provide you with the ability to connect with our management team, 24/7. All responses, requests, images you share, follow through information, and case closures are tracked and addressed.


Weekly inspections

We want you to know the state of your facilities, without having to inspect them yourself. That’s why we inspect them every week and put together a detailed report for you.

After walking your facilities, we rate the cleanliness of each aspect of our scope of work and add the feedback you and your staff submitted that week to generate an Inspection Report, which we send to you.

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