Three Ways to Keep Your Restrooms Clean

Restroom cleanliness tells a much bigger story than the difference between clean and dirty. It paints the picture of your facility as a whole. By implementing these actionable steps, you will be able to see results right away while making things easier for your staff, customers, and everyone in between.

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The Cost of Culture

At Zoë, we sell two things. The first is right there in our name: facility services. This is what pays the bills. We assess a facility, help a client decide on the things they need, and deliver a suite of services to fill that need. The second thing we sell is...

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The Best Cleaning Tool You Already Have

“What’s the best thing to clean with?” This is the first thing people want to know when they discover I work in the janitorial business. The other popular questions are real doozies like: “Will you clean my house?” and “Isn’t that a degrading job?”  90% of...

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3 Ways to a Cleaner Facility

Cleanliness. That’s the answer everyone is looking for. However, knowing the answer isn’t enough. In 10th grade, my Algebra teacher would mark my paper with a giant red “x” if I didn’t show my work. Whether you realize it or not, you want the same thing...

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Seven ways a great commercial cleaning company saves you time and money.